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Get started Guide for McAfee Email Protection

To manage the settings for quarantined messages and your Spam Report email, log in to the McAfee Control Console. You can access the Control Console by using the “View List of all quarantined messages” link in the Spam Report or by logging into My Services and selecting the McAfee Email Protection icon.

Link in Spam Report

Icon in My Services

Managing the Spam Report

To manage delivery time, delivery frequency and the format of your Spam Report, go to the McAfee Control Console and select the “Preferences” tab.

Warning: Do not change your Password in the McAfee Control Console! Go to My Services to change your password.


Manage Quarantined Messages

In order to manage quarantined messages, select the “Quarantine” tab. All quarantined messages will be displayed there and you can decide how to handle them (Release, delete, view, allow always).

Allowed and Blocked Senders

You can manage your personal blocked and allowed senders lists in the McAfee Control Console using the “Allowed Senders” and “Blocked senders” tabs.

Simply type an email address into the form and select “New”.

You can also upload a pre-defined list in text format.

Email Continuity*

In case of an email outage by your provider, you can use the McAfee Control Console to send and receive new messages. After the outage is over, all email messages will sync to your general mailbox.

*This option is only available if McAfee Email Continuity is enabled by your service provider.


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