Hosted Exchange Outage - RESOLVED

UPDATE: 5:00PM: Inbound and outbound mail is being throttled for a while as the servers handle a huge amount of queued mail.


UPDATE: 3:45PM: As of 3PM, all of our mail services have been restored.  Customers may experience mails trickling in from earlier this morning.  If you fee that your Exchange services are still down, please call in so that we may troubleshoot with you.


UPDATE: 1:50PM: Our east cost center is 85% online.  Mail is starting to filter in.  We hope to be fully operational within the next hour.


UPDATE: 12:10PM: Our West Coast data center is back online and we're working to get east cost up ASAP.


UPDATE - 11:17AM: Services are starting to come back online, but unfortunately we have no estimated time-frame on 100% restoration of service.  Any mail being sent to customers will be queued and delivered once service is restored.  We do not anticipate any data loss.  

This is a TOP priority for us and understand the importance.  We are working hard to resolve the problem.  Thank you for your continued patience.


UPDATE - 10:30AM:  We continue to work on service restoration with our network and hosting partners. We believe there to be a DDOS (denial of service) attack targeting multiple data centers.  


We are currently experiencing issues with our Hosted Exchange environment. Customers may not be able to connect to receive mail or connections may be slow. Engineers are aware of the issue and are working toward a resolution. Service should be restored shortly. We apologize for this inconvenience.


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