Barracuda SPAM filtering Basics


Note: The full End-User guide for Barracuda's Email Security Service (ESS) can be found here: 

How to login

Click the Quarantine Settings link from any notification eMail.  This will automatically log you in.


Or you may go to at any time.  Your username is your email address.  If you need help with your password, please let us know.  


How to add a sender to your Safe list (whitelist)

From the message log, select the message(s) that you want to whitelist and click the whitelist button.  This will add the sender to your Safe list as exempt.  Barracuda will no longer analyze messages from this sender.



How to add a sender to your Blocked list (blacklist)

When logged into Barracuda, click the Sender Policy link


Now click Add Sender Policy


Add the desired email address or domain name and choose policy Block.  Then click add.



View all inbound messages (not just your quarantine).

This is helpful to see EVERY message that came into your account (blocked, quarantined, delivered, etc.).  From here you can view the message directly, add to your safe or blocked list.



If you click the message, you will see it in the preview pane, where you can perform further action such as Block.



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